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  net10 Security

net10 uses Verisign, SET and SSL to complete the secure transaction between the client and your order form. This is the lock or key you see on your browser.

net10 has adopted the new SET protocol and incorporating it into net10's suite of Internet payment solutions. The transition to SET will provide secure, open standard-based solutions for the many merchants, banks, processors and consumers including those using net10's existing services.

What Is SET?

The SET protocol is a collection of encryption and security specifications used as an industry-wide, open standard for ensuring secure payment transactions over the Internet.
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A Cross-Industry Cooperative Effort

Developed by VISA, Master Card and key technology Leaders, the primary goals of SET are to protect the credit card system, establish consumer confidence in the Internet as a marketplace, and build transactions volume over this new commerce channel. SET 's standard for security procedures and technology will ensure consistent implementation among vendors, card companies, and financial institutions.

Furthermore, SET establishes a method for interoperability of secure transactions software over multiple, popular hardware platforms and operating systems.
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net10 And SET: The Next Generation Of Secure Online Technology

net10 has been enabling secure Internet Transactions since 1995. With the implementation of the SET protocol, net10 offers the next generation of secure payment card services. SET brings consumers and web merchants together in a secure fashion so that both can benefit fully from an exciting new marketplace.

net10 will provide a simple migration path to SET. This will ensure continued interoperability across software and hardware platforms, continuing its role as the leading provider of Internet payment services. The SET protocol will authenticate cardholders, merchants and banks; assure confidentiality of payment information; ensure that messages have not been corrupted during transit; and provide for interoperability among different software and hardware platforms.
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 Benefits Of SET

Merchants, banks, processors and consumers alike will have the confidence -- when they see "SET-compliant" of knowing each transaction is protected by a security protocol validated, approved and standardized by industry leaders.

Merchants are protected from:

purchases with unauthorized payment card
...purchases denial from cardholders

Banks are protected from:

...unauthorized purchase

Consumers are protected from:

...merchant impostors
...theft of credit card number
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The Promise Of SET

SET is designed to protect the confidentiality of personal and financial information. It uses digital certificates to authenticate the parties in a payment card transaction.

SET will provide buyers and sellers in the virtual world the ability to engage in commerce with an even greater level of trust and confidence than they experience in a payment card purchase in the physical world.

net10 offers a complete suite of global payment services including payment cards, micro payments and electronic checks. net10 services are compatible with published SET standards, ensuring interoperability. net10's SET secure services are the most convenient and flexible way to conduct financial transactions on the Internet.
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