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Online Order for Plan 2 Windows Advanced Server Web Hosting:

Setup fee:   $29.95
Monthly fee: $29.95

Internet domain names will be bought through and added to your bill at the rate of
$20.00 for two years for new domains.
Domain transfers are always free.
Telephone orders please call 707 575-3341.
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Zip Code:*
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E-Mail Address:
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Domain Name: (Requested New or Transferred)

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Month of Expiration Date:

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SQL 2008/2016 Database Connectivity:
Setup fee: $9.95 Monthly fee: $9.95
Yes  No 
Comprehensive Stats Reports:

Setup fee: $9.95 Monthly fee: $9.95
Yes  No 
Secure Access:
Setup fee: $9.95 Monthly fee: $4.95
Yes  No 




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