Secondary DNS
Generated: 11/29/2017 00:53 RHINO
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Device Detail
Name Secondary DNS
Status OK
Response time: 70ms
Description: Secondary DNS
Parent: {default}
Managing Host: RHINO
Last Success: 11/29/2017 00:52
Last Failure: 11/29/2017 00:31
Time In State 0:00:16:26
Last Poll: 11/29/2017 00:52
Poll Count/Frequency: 0 of 1
Attempts: 2671
Failures: 5
Success Rate%: 99.8128% (Since 11/14/2017 20:35
Test Time: 70ms
Suspended Until:
Last Result Info: Response Time: 70ms
12-16-2006 @ 19:53:11Converted from V4 to V5
Computer: KANGA
User: administrator

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